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Robert Kaiser / Michael Liecke: Regional knowledge dynamics in the biotechnology industry: a conceptual framework for micro-level analysis, International Journal of Technology Management, 2008.

In this study, we propose a firm-based micro-level framework for the analysis of regional knowledge dynamics. This approach contrasts with most of the established literature on regional clusters, learning regions, industrial districts or Regional Innovation Systems (RISs), which focus mainly on the meso-level of industrial organisation. Contrary to those concepts we are using a biographical method that maps the firm’s innovation processes and practices and further on evaluates how those processes are interrelated with intra-organisational change and knowledge flows across different territorial levels.

Robert Kaiser / Michael Liecke: The Munich Feature Film Cluster: its Degree of Global Integration and Explanations for its relative Success, Industry & Innovation 14(4), Special Issue on „Hollywood and Beyond“, S. 385-399.

In this study we assess the role that a secondary feature film cluster can play in an industrial sector largely dominated by the major Hollywood studios. In order to do this we proceed in two steps. We first evaluate as to how Munich-based firms are integrated into the production, distribution, financing and technological development of globally successful feature films. Then we investigate the factors that explain the relative economic success of this regional industry. Here we argue that major corporate actors that established a core group within the cluster have turned the industry towards specialized niche products and have been significantly supported by public policy measures.

Robert Kaiser: Actors, Arenas, and Modes of Coordination in International S&T Policies

Academic input paper for panel 2 of the ERA Expert Workshop on “Strengthening the coordination of Community and Member States’ policies and programmes for international S&T cooperation: Impediments and opportunities”, European Commission, Brussels, September 19-20, 2007. [Download]


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